On the Picture Shi Huangdi Dragon Special Blue Version as playable in a Quest.

Welcome to the MultiRaid2GoldenMod WikiEdit

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 (Multi-Raid2) Golden Edition Mod is created by Anathar Merol - PSP Games Mod Developer and Leader and Founder of the DaTeHaCKs Team.

It was first released as beta version named "Strikeforce 2 Force Unleashed Mod" which latter was released as the "Golden Edition Mod" Edit

The "Golden" and "Force Unleashed" Mods are created using the Spider-Net-Engine.Unlike the "Force Unleashed Mod" for Strikeforce 2 The "Golden Edition" mod offers new features and patches as well as fixes.

Both Mods are available for PSP using Free Cheat Plugin.

A "PPSSPP" (PSP Emulator) port is currently in development.


The "Golden Edition Mod" features all of the original features that "Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 Force Unleashed Mod" has. It adds however several new features like the "Charge Attacks" for the cast of playable characters,new patches, new playable characters and monsters, new arena modes, ability to play as Monsters on Special Quests created by the developer that allow playing as giant bosses in them, new camera modes, new moves for some of the monsters, and many other features.

The mod is split on several parts due to Free Cheat's support only of 1000 codes per txt file while the entire mod takes more than 8000 codes and is the Biggest GameShark Mod to date.

A DLC Content is sheduled to be released in the future. It will feature updates, new Monster Supporting Quests, New Playable Units or Characters and other features.

An English Patch for the game was developed by DaTeHaCKs Team.

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